A sampling of SHM's capabilities & super-powers:

Creative Direction & Brand Strategy: Web | Mobile | Print 


Magic Software, an international group with 20 years of educational technology services under it's belt, partnered with SilverHill Media to introduce their first branded product line, MagicBox to the publishing community.


Relaunch 20 year old company on a multinational stage using a new robust yet complex platform in an accelerated timeframe.


SilverHill Media successfully launched a dynamic cross-channel campaign by leveraging client and proprietary knowledge to drive sales and secure a foothold in the rapidly advancing, highly competitive digital publishing market.



Brand Strategy & Marketing Team Development: Portal, Social Media, Print, Environmental 


After receiving an initial grant from the Gates Foundation in 2009, Teach Plus collaborated with SilverHill Media to build and then strengthen their brand on local, state, and national levels.

Capabilities Leveraged:

  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Strategy & Management
  • UI & UX
  • Video Production
  • Content Development
  • Wire Framing
  • Collateral Design
  • Social Media
  • Producing
  • Photography
  • Media Team Lead
  • Print Management
  • eLearning & conference material


Teach Plus has emerged as a critical policy leader in the educational reform arena for teachers, legislators, and funders. Their digital presence ideated by SilverHill Media's core leadership, facilitates dialogue across varying constituencies in sister cities and programs on a national scale.  Teach Plus’ organizational aesthetic is indelibly influenced by Silver Hill Media’s brand system, media work, and environmental elements.


Creative Strategy & Execution: Re-Brand + Statewide PSA Campaign


Recognizing the need to re-invigorate the organization's 20 year old brand, the New York State Children's Vision Coalition successfully launched a holistic re-branding campaign focused on the correlation of vision-health and emerging literacy skills for young students. 


Consideration for the established CVC brand was on top of mind during all stages of the re-brand. SHM's final iteration designed a contemporary,  bright and relevant new twist for the trusted organization. A new modular website was developed and populated in conjunction with the launch of a powerful and playful statewide PSA deployed via public transportation systems across the state.    The "See What Makes You Happy" campaign elevated vision-health and literacy success rates from rural districts to major urban cities, including Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo and New York City. 


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